bought 58 plate vectra 19 cdti design last week. over the week when its in park tickin over, the temp gauge goes to its parkin posision, then when im movin it goes to 85-90,, the operating temp.when climate control is set to 25 its not that warm an still blowes cold air into the back. tonight i drove about 2 miles, pulled up to talk to a mate.the car was in park, the temp did the usual thing. about 5 mins later smoke plummed out the wheel arch an from under the bonnet, thought it had caught fire.RAC couldnt find anything, so taking it to dealers to be checked in morning.
drivin it tonight the temp gauge works when in park an the climate control works an warms up the car very well know.
has anyone come across this because i am puzzeled to whats wrong with it. the smoke smelled of an electric smell.