I've been to a local dealer today to chat about the failing inlet manifold problems and advice on whether to leave it to break down or fail, or to have a new manifold ? i have done the repair for a £1 and its OK, but i do seem to be getting more gunky crap in the tumble flap area!, so a five hour labour + parts job at vx NOT including vat is £500, NOT including a new elec drive module!!, i did explain that pierburg did not recomend this and he said vx do not state it has to be changed and they just reset the values?, so it would be + around £200 extra for the drive module, has anyone paid for this job COMPLETE with all parts and a warranty, reply with your £££ to give a guide as to a fair price to pay. it may last for as long as i keep the car but as i dont know how long that will be its a piece of mind thing!. do you or dont you ..