I have acquired one of the new Ipaq Data Messengers (1st link). I am trying to use the IPAQ with the Bluetooth headset (2nd link) I used with my previous phone. The phone and the headset pair up fine in Bluetooth terms.

With my previous phone the headset would ring when I had incoming calls and I would hear the phone ringing when I was making calls. With the new set-up I can hear the calls on the headset when it first connects with the phone but when I try to use it a few mins later there is no sound on the headset (the headset symbol is still on the phone and when I press the button on the headset it prompts me to speak for the voice dialling option).

Anyone idea why the audio link goes after a few mins (when I close the headset the link is broken – as it should do and the headset symbol goes from the phone).

I suspect something is not configured/setup correctly as the audio link is there initially.

I tried the HP help desk and that was a waste of time. Its driving me nuts as I would like to use it in the car.