Hi guys! I was on a while back chatting about hitting a crater of a pothole.. well the (huge!) groaning and creaking sound I found the cause of myself after a wee while... it was one of the radiator mounts by the front panel.. it had been completely popped out of its little curved holder thingy!

Me and a mate with the combined strength of ten tigers managed to get enough weight on it with a rod to get it pushed down and kinda half caught on the place where it's meant to go, which reduced the noise by about 80%, but for the life of me I can't get it all the way back in!

Anyone know what it will entail to do this? Will I have to completely unseat the radiator?

Also, what should my mounts look like if they are the supposedly new modified ones as I might buy new ones if they are they are liable to give bother in future (never had a noise till this incident, in fairness).
In addition to this, I have a clunking when turning the steering wheel, especially if stationary or at low speed.. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a busted strut bearing, likely from the same pothole!

Thanks in advance guys!

Nick :-)

Ps: Pics of my Vec posting now on a separate thread.. not the best but I thought it the least good manners I could show given the knowledge I've gleaned from this site over the last year or two!