brand new Lg Renoir for sale i have the same fone and its spot on

Looking For £230 sent recorded, Boxed and Unopened on -T-Mobile network

wee bit of information of the fone

The LG KC910 Renoir is a gorgeous and sleek touch screen mobile phone designed with a fabulous 8 mega-pixel camera. The very elegant LG KC910 mobile phone comprises a huge 3 inch TFT touch screen with screen resolutions of 240 x 400 displaying up to 262k colours making for crystal clear visibility to the user. The user can access and select menus and features with ease with this fantastic touch screen design. The LG KC910 is usable and manageable with just one hand as it measures 107.8mm x 55.9mm x 14mm in size and weighs a respective 144g considering all the technologies that have been packed into it.