Hi Guys

here the united motorist (www.fdm.dk) made a test of bupls.

They used H4 but think it gives the point anyway. they "only" tested 10 bupls. but think you get the point.

The light range was messaugerd to where there was 3 LUX left.

Lowest consumption of power_
Philips Eco Vision 53,8 W
GE Megalight Plus 60% 60,8 W
Philips Vision Plus 61,2 W
Osram Bilus 64W
Stanley Longlife 65,2 w
Biltema standart (same as hallfords) 65,6 w
Biltema Mega Blue (same as hallfords) 66,9 w
GE Standart 66,9 W
Osram Nightbreaker 68,1W

Best "close" range light (dip beam)
Osram Bilux 98 Meters
Philips Eco Vision 96 M
Ge Megalight plus 60% 94 m
Osram Nightbreaker 94m
Philips Vision Plus 94 M
GE standard 93 M
Philips Blue vision 91 m
Bilteme Standart 90 m
Biltema Mega Blue 90 M
Stanley Longlife 81 m

Best "long" range light (main beam?)
Ge Mega light plus 60% 232 Meters
Philips Vision Plus 229 M
Osram Nightbreaker 222 M
Philips Eco Vision 207 M
GE stndard 206M
Biltema Standard 204 M
Osram Bilus 199 M
Philips Blue Vision 198 M
Stanley Longlife 197M
Biltema Mega Blue 169 M