I recently retro fitted the headlamp wash system to my C. Total cost is around £140 to complete the project. The most expensive part of the sytem is the heated hose that supplies the washer jets mounted on the bumper below the headlights. It retails at £5.50 per metre and Vauxhall will only sell it in a 10 metre roll (£55). I have roughly 5 metres left which is enough to compete the job plus a couple of other bits needed for the job (nozzles and some pipe clips). I will accept £25 collected or £29 delivered. I can advise you on what parts you need which are listed in the following how to:-

I will gladly advise and help on your install. I saved another £30 by asking my dealer to program the software whilst my car was in for a service as they connect your car to tech2 to update the ecu when been serviced.

Pm or email for further info,