Wow what an interesting film, another Oliver Stone film, which I find personally top notch every time.

Anyway, it's a wow for me because I'm unsure if it's pro or anti Bush, for me it's turned me around on him, I now find myself instead of seeing him as a non caring oilman from Texas, as someone who has been taken advantage of by elder members with their own agenda's, I've been for quite some time against him because of the death tolls in Iraq and Afghanistan, but having seen the film and if it's remotely accurate of event's, all the hate should be towards Cheney and Rumsfeld, Colin Powell comes out of it looking like the guy who could see the future and was against it, but decided to stay and go along with it for whatever reasons that only he would be able to tell you, Condoleezza Rice should hang her head in shame as well.

Getting back to the pro/anti one, the film shows DubYa as someone who feels he's behind his brother in the daddy love stakes, someone who talks while he's eating, and someone who hates to lose, it also show a man with regret, a man who knows others lied to him, and a man if it was 2001 again would've done things differently.

The pre office stuff shows him getting elected on wanting education for all, and filth criminals kept out of society, how he won his Liberal thinking wifes heart, and his younger misgivings of being a spoilt hellraiser.

Through the film I watched and listened to things I know I've said myself, so overall if the film has any truth in it instead of being one of my hate figures, I actually found him a personality who I think I'd enjoy a few beers with.

Anyone else seen it yet?