My car has just gone over 60k miles. Since i could not find out for sure what the cam belt change interval was and since the engine temp would never go above 70'c on the motorway, i decided go ahead and do a major service on the engine. I changed the cam belt + tensioners, water pump, thermostat and plugs.
I purchased a couple of Laser cam pulley wedges off eBay to stop them turning, these later turned out to be utterly ****e, there was so much slack in them that it was possible to get one of the pulleys a tooth out when replacing the belt, "Which is exactly what happened!", i didnt realise this until i had put it all back together and fired it up the for the first time, straight away i noticed the compression wasnt right, but unfortunatley it also fired up on the other cylinders that were correct. I turned it off immediatley fearing the worst about valve damage. (I now know that i could have used the TDC groves on all the pulleys to get the timing right instead of those rubbish wedges, although they are usefull to stop the cams turning when putting the pulleys back on and tightening the bolts. I had to take the pulleys off the change the termostat)
I eventually got the timing correct, closed it all back up and fired it up.
It runs smooth on tick over and doesnt sound like its missfiring on any cylinder but its lost alot of power especially below 3000 revs.

I'm preying that i didnt bend any valves, as i would expect it to run really bad on idle yet it runs realy smooth?

My questions are..
1) Does the Engine Management need resetting since it has new plugs etc... how can i do this?
2) Can these engines suffer a single cam being out of time by one tooth?
3) Could it be an air leak in the inlet manifold seals, as i had to take off both the plenum and the mounting plate below that to access the termostat and plugs?

Thanks in advance for the help