Hi to all, just got to say thanks to "mac man" for his post on how to remove EGR valve on 2.0 d ti,it was very helpful, had limp mode spanner in the car on dash and car doing the usual splutter, switch off and ok for few more miles had a tech 2 reading faulty pump! thought oh my god time to get rid of the vec but after reading up on this problem, via this site, i thought i would investigate a few highlighted possible causes, leak off pipes fine, inter cooler pipes fine, so next port of call the egr valve, it was awkward to get off but after using brake cleaner i eventually got it out, gave it a good clean "THANKS AGAIN mac man and the car is running sweet as a nut, certainly would of been lost without this site so, must say thanks to a lot of people on this site, to many to name who posted threads as towards this particular problem but you know who you are you are all stars, thankyou