Got this for sale, it came with my new Astra but i dont need it.

This is what is said about it on the net....

The Origin b2 Driver Safety and Information System is the most technologically advanced product on the market and provides the driver with a comprehensive range of speed management information in a user friendly format.

Unlike any other system on the market the Origin b2 is installed in to the car, meaning that the system is very neat, subtle and secure.

* High resolution screen with enhanced graphics including: direction of vehicle travel, vehicle speed, speed limit, type of hazard, road number and a progress bar with a countdown to the hazard in meters or seconds
* Verbal warnings issued immediately stating hazard type and road speed limit
* User definable and programmable setting for over-speed warnings.
* User definable and programmable individual way point identification
* School Proximity Warning Mode which only issues alerts during primary and secondary school active hours and term schedules
* Congestion Charging Camera Warning Mode that alerts the driver as the vehicle approaches congestion charging zones during active hours
* Driver Information System which calculates valuable information such as distance covered, average speed and journey time
* Laser Module for detecting mobile sites inc. hand held laser and mobile safety vans
* GPS co-ordinate display to assist emergency or breakdown services to identify your location
* Directional feature that limits warnings for speed traps positioned in the direction of vehicle travel
* Limitator feature that triggers warnings only when the vehicle is exceeding the posted legal speed limit
* Motorway feature that only provides warnings on the motorway network and not on adjacent road networks

I have never used it but it was supplied by a Network Q Garage and works perfectly.

Not looking for much for it.