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Thread: Cutting out nightmare

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    Default Cutting out nightmare


    A friend of mine has a Vauxhall Signum 2.0 Turbo Diesel, it is a 54 plate.

    To start off with going back about 2 years ago, he complained to Vauxhall about a fault with his car, where he would be driving along at any speed and then all of a sudden the engine would cut out and he would loose all power to drive, electrics are still ok when this happens.

    Then the car will not restart for about 10 - 15 mins, when it does start a lot of cloudy smoke comes out. Vauxhall asked him to bring the car in and they flushed the engine and checked everything and said they could not find anything wrong with it.

    Since then the car has started to do this for the past 3 months again, which at one point we was on our way to Alton Towers and we called The AA out. They turned up and connected there laptop to the car and said there was a fault code that represented that cause being the EGR Valve

    He went to his local mechanic and he changed this at a cost of about £240 then we was driving the car for about another couple of weeks and it happened again. He took the car back to his local mechanic and he has said there is another one down the side of the engine as well, so he paid another £240 to have that changed. (He has known this mechanic for over 10 years so there is no chance of him trying to con him)

    Now recentley vauxhall have charged him another £2000 for more repairs and now a few weeks later the problems has come back but this time when he restarts it there is no smoke coming out, all that happens now is that he will be driving along and the spanner light will come on and the car will not let him pull off.

    The car will sit there and idle very judderry but as soon as he trys to pull off it goes as if it wants to cut out, he has spoken to a friend of his who has said that he had the similar problem and he corrected his problem by changing (something to do with tubes that go to the turbo, he said on there the tubes were not made big enough).

    If he originally reported the problem when it was within warranty and if they have said they cant find anything wrong with it and it is still doing it then is he not entitled to take it back to them even though it is outside of warranty as the fault was logged when the car was within the 3 year period.

    Any advise on this would be appreciated.

    Thanks Kieron . . . . .

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    I forgot to mention the car cuts out about every 15 minutes when driving.

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