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Thread: Gotta laugh......

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    Default Gotta laugh......

    Just ha d a mate on the phone asking me about car number plates as he lost his on the weekend.
    Didt ask him why he lost it, just thought that it had come off while driving, with it being stuck on rather than drilled.

    He didnt know if he was still able to drive with 1 less number plate on there, now im pretty sure that its "frowned" upon by the police rather than being illeagal, so anyway he off to get another done.
    I asked which one an he said the front one, so then i asked how it came off a this was his story......

    Left the club with a girl and things got rather "heated" inside the car on the way back, so he thought he stop off on one of the little country roads we all know about, but dont, so off he goes down this lane, an comes across a little flood, being it a 1 track lane with ditches either side, there no way he can turn an he aint that good at reversing, decided to plow on through this small flood.........

    The road widend at this point but as the girl he was with was getting rather , impatient shall we say he though there a pull in just up the way, that will have to do, so he goes bumper first into what he though was another smaller flood, which turned out to be halfway up the door flood.....

    He managed to get through some of it and ended up in a gateway to a field that was higher up than the flood where he was a bit stuck, so then did a 3/4/5/6/ piont turn to get the car facing the way he had just come to get out, thats when he noticed the gate over the road which is normally a 6 bar gate was only showing 2 bars at the top........he then realised the road actually dips he fought his way back through the flood back to dry land.

    The only thing he got that weekend is a bill for a new number plate

    The things you do for women

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    haha unlucky mate

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