This started a few weeks ago as an intermittent starting problem, the engine would crank for 20-30 sec then start, the problem got worse until it refused to start even after a few battery's worth of cranking.

I checked the fuel filter housing for oil but it was ok. One thing I did notice when I removed the filter housing lid was that the fuel level seemed very low. In my experience, when you remove the lid of similar housings (Peugeot etc) the housing is full to the brim. Is this normal? I replaced the filter and seal and topped up the housing with clean fuel.

I noticed the injector leak off pipes looked original and not in the best shape so I replaced those. I also cranked the engine with injector unions cracked off to ensure fuel was getting through, it was.

After a full Battery's worth of cranking it still won't fire and I keep getting code P1811 Engine Torque Sensor Malfunction. Initially I though this may have been something to do with the Crank Position Sensor, but the sensor shows about 800Ω across the terminals, and if you disconnect the sensor and crank the engine a whole different selection of codes crop up.

The pump is the PSG 16 model if that makes any difference to code definitions.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has any ideas.