Have been struggling with an intermittent (but increasingly regular) issue recently with car suddenly losing power and if you get the clutch in, you discover it's struggling to idle like it's got dirt in the fuel but that's not the case. It will eventually die after stuggleing for a few seconds but after a number of attempts to restart or a few minutes off parked up on the kerb it eventually goes again. Not related to engine temp or driving style. Had it checked a few weeks ago for fuel problems and that came back fine and also it was reported that there was only an insignificant amount of condensation in the fuel filter.

It's not the split turbo pipes issue, had that earlier in the year so know what that's like and this is much more serious - not even going into limp home mode.

Long story short, there's no EML coming up at any stage and just had it into Vx today and they plugged it up and confirmed No error codes. Typically, when driving to see them and while they put it through it's cycle, NOTHING WENT WRONG!!!! What they did say was that they had seen this twice before on this engine type (no error codes, but definitely these symptoms etc.) and in both cases the cure was to replace the throttle body. In fairness to them, they told me they couldn't remember how they cost off hand but thought it was somewhere around £200 for the genuine Vx part alone so go away and think about it before making any decisions... and they weren't interested in payment for the about 30 minutes or so of code reading, test driving and general hoking round the engine and explaining what they suspected to me.

So.... I have read a few reports of similar throttle body replacements being required on here but a few people also mentioned cleaning theirs as a cure. I don't see a "How 2" on it? Anyone got any photos that might help? Anyone any recommendations of things to be careful of if doing this etc? I'm happy to have a go at it and might try to get a few pics myself so if all goes well then try to get a how 2 put together if anyone else is interested in comparing notes?