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Thread: 2.2 dti remap

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    Default 2.2 dti remap


    a few months ago I bought a 2004 vectra 2.2 dti, I must admit I regret buying the car, I think I paid to much for it and performance wise its not as I wished, problem is on a 5 minute test drive you only get a quick feel for the car. I should have researched it more.

    Had the car about a week and the vac solenoid had to be replaced, now the MAF

    I was looking at getting the ECU remapped, but have a couple of questions:

    Would a remap cause any other components to fail at a quicker rate?
    Would servicing intervals need to change?
    What sort of results should I expect?

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    Might be worth dropping Green Growler a PM - he had his 2.2 remapped. The problem is it's a hybrid ECU and a real pig to access, very few tuners can even do it. IIRC Regal are possibly your best bet.

    To answer your questions -

    A remap will highlight and exacerbate any exisiting faults within the engine - it won't cause problems by itself but if there's any weak spots (like the boost hoses on the 2.2) then they will fail sooner than nthey otherwise would.

    Servicing intervals don't need to change - 12 months is fine.


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