[B]This is a reply that I have recieved to an e-mail sent regarding re-mapping the 3.0 V6.
Going to ring them tomorrow to find out more.
Watch this space.

We are able to offer a remap for your car which will take the power from 181bhp to 219bhp and the torque from 370Nm to 450Nm, this will not only improve the performance but also the MPG, (when compared with like for like driving conditions).

All our remaps are fully tested and written by ourselves, they respect all emission regulations and increased power and torque is well within the design limits of the engine and transmission. The remap functions with all Vauxhall diagnostic equipment and providing your car is serviced at the correct intervals and good quality oil is used there will be no issues at all.

We carry out work for various main agents and independent dealers as well as the retail work we do and we are pleased to say that we have never had an unhappy custom and you will be very pleased with the results as these engines respond very well to remapping.

Prior to carrying out the work we carry out a full diagnostic check on the car to ensure that everything is in order; we have over 20yrs background is in diagnostic work so any potential problems can be quickly diagnosed.

The cost of the remap is £395+vat and will take between 3-4hrs to carry out the work at our base in Cambridge.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

Best regards,

Darrell Coutinho