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Thread: motoring stories.

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    Default motoring stories.

    Off the back of the thread posted by Spoons "My brakes don't feel quite right"
    lets have your worst, best, funniest garage or repair related stories.

    I'll start it of with the lady who booked her car in for the egg gasket to be replaced. The AA man had said 'ead gasket, but this had been lost in translation.

    Or the customer who filled his brand new 4x4 unleaded diesel?

    All names with held to protect the guilty.

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    Had an MG Metro in 1996, took it along to garage I hadn't used before for MOT. Got a call it had failed on holes in the sills, no suprise there then. Told them to fix, it was a weld job.

    Got call a couple of days later from garage asking if I wanted to sell my car, I said no. They said there was someone in garage willing to pay cash, I said no.

    Garage called back an hour later, and said 'actually we have set your car on fire'!! Bit of a shock! The owner said come down tomorrow and have a look over it, we should be able to rebuild it.

    Went down, car was gutted and interior melted. Apparaently the fire watcher had gone to make a cup of tea and the welder kept welding, the carpet caught fire rest was history.

    The garage owner tried to blag me for a week on how I would get nothing if I went through his insurance and that I should take a small cash offer from him.

    With help from Trading Standards, got everything resolved, and a nice big cheque for £1000 from insurance, which was a lot for an old MG Metro.

    Amazing, how incompetent people can be, and how they try and get out of things!

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