I've got a N reg VW sharan tdi with 185k on the clock. Its just passed the MOT so its ok for another 12 months but the front heater has stopped working. The heater control panel itself seems all fine with the temp/adjustments being shown correctly. No fan noise can be heared but after a while the rear heater kicks in. When it does the car seems to suffer from major condensation problems, large water droplets on the front side windows.

We just came back from centre parcs in penrith (2.5 hr drive) the only way i could see out of the windscreen was by turning off all heating and to have the front demister on then to open the driver side window about 1/2 inch.The windscreen remained clear, but we were all froze.

The air con has not worked since i bought the car.

Any advice in how/what parts i need to replace to fix this will be much appeciated. Any further questions please let me know.