hi sorry to trouble you i need some advice its a long story so please be patient. i bought a vectra on a 03 plate 3.2 a few months ago the eml light was on but the chap convinced me it just needed resetting the car drove faultless but on tickover it was lumpy and after about 10 sec the eml would flash but if you just picked up the idle to about 900 it was ok it was always ticking over at about 500 just seemed to be idling to low thought this would be a easy fix but now i know its not.had it put on machine came up with missfire detected on 1 3 and 5 so 1st thought was coil pack bought a new one still same then i had timing checked was ok but had a new kit put on was due anyway. had light reset kept coming back on so i had it checked for air leaks on manifold came back ok but within a day came back on this time it picked up 02 sensor so bought new one fitted cleared that fault but hey presto 1 3 and 5 was back so i put into a garage to double check everything they checked coil air leaks etc but found nothing. they said it quote was ecu or wiring to rear bank now they want £80 to send ecu off and be tested and take it from there. i done a compression test they were all on 230/240 across the board. the garage said that the rear bank was running lean due to the ecu cutting the fuel supply on tickover but when they picked revs up ecu kicked the fuel supply back in. i am driving the car as it is cause it does drive faultless until you leave it ticking over for about 10 sec if the light starts to flash i just pick the idle up to about 1000 and after a few secs the light stops flashing and goes out. if i do leave it flasing it will put the light on permanant get a code missfire detected. the weird thing is some times its 1 3 and 5 other times 1 and 5 once was only 3 but always on the rear bank. have checked the wiring from ecu to rear bank all looks ok checked for continuity that seemed ok please any info would be greatly appreciated. also could i get a ecu from another car or is it programmed to the car if you could pm richard_davey@hotmail.com would be appreciated thanks rich ..............
i have been searching forums all night looking for answers and there is so many differant conclusions i am coming to
1. is timing correct {saw thread same symptons}
2. does ecu need updated software
3. air leak
but looking through i saw some pictures thread number http://www.vectra-c.com/forum/showth...=plenum&page=3
to the right there is 2 copper coloured clips on top of the plastic chamber thing 1 at the front bank and 1 at the rear bank near the vacuum servo pipe end
well my car only has 1 on the front bank could this be causing a problem
UPDATE i found another clip and removed the top cover and put in place put back together started and light flashed. but then i went for a drive and after about 15 min of driving i stopped at some lights and no flash so i pulled over left running for 15 min no flash i thought i cured it even the idle was up to about 800 norm about 500. went home really pleased went out about 20 mins later drove down the road flash back to how it was again. its running lean on the rear bank i cant be sealing it properly. the top cover the threads are a bit knackered were someone has taken the lid off so many times do you know off a inlet manifold complete that i can just bolt straight down with the 6 torx bits i am convinced my problem is in the manifold please help let me know what you all think thanks rich