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Thread: Deawoo Heating Problems!!!!!

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    Thumbs down Deawoo Heating Problems!!!!!

    Hello guys. Since I don't have the Vec anymore, I'm reduced to transporting myself around in either my (B reg) mk3 escort cabrio, or my Dad's rather tired and horrible (S reg) Deawoo Leganza .
    The problem I'm having is that the heating control unit seems to have packed in! It's the little lcd display unit:

    At first, it was being tempermental, intermittantly working etc, but now it's stopped working all together and considering the horrible frosty / foggy weather in the last few days, it's becoming undriverble due to not being able to demist the screen etc, and no blowers / heat in the car. Due to it all being done electronically, I cant even just leave the vents open to direct the heat onto the screen like you could do on a manually controlled heater unit. Also, as a point of interest, the interior light has packed in along with the clock??? I've tried the fuses in the passenger footwell fusebox, also the main fusebox under the bonnet too and I dont think they are all on the same circuit,and also taken the contol unit out to check for any damage, the strange thing is, it seems to be getting some power as the four buttons on the right of the unit are still illuminated when the headlights are switched on (although they do go off and on when banged over bumps etc ) but still no ideas
    I even had the misfortune to join the deawoo owners club forum to see if they could shed some light on the matter, but they were about as useful as a chocolate teapot! I've tried resetting the system by leaving the battery disconnected overnight etc....
    So, I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that has had the mis-fortune to own one of these pigs, or worked on them with any solutions, as we dont want to throw money at the wreck, partly due to me coming out of work a few weeks back, and partly because we begrudge spending any on the heap! (I guess it beats walking, ONLY JUST!)
    I'm not expecting many replies on this due to the nature of the problem, and indeed the actual model of car, but you never know......
    Anyway, cheers in advance, Mike
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    You can overide the actuators that control the flaps to distribute the air...just get under the dash and move them manually...easily done...had to do this just the other week on a audi A4 avant untill i got hold of another control panel...

    Wth regards to powering up the motor...get your test lamp out find out which speed is best suited to me no2 and bridge as a temp messure

    Hope this helps...

    Oh and anything beats walking


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    Set fire to it, claim the £150 on the insurance, buy yourself a cheap Cavalier, job's a good one.

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