I've been a member for about a year or so but only just started posting Threads, having spent most of the time browsing the forum and very interesting reads too...my Vectra is a Facelift 55reg Vectra C Hatchback..the lower spec Club with the Z18XE engine now with 28K on the clock...and yes I've experienced most of the quirky niggles that many of you have posted ...random clutch judder, flickering headlights, handbrake mod, the electro-hydraulic steering pump running on at switch-off, the snicking sound when you change into second gear up to or down into etc.etc,...but here is another niggle.

Ever since I've had the car I can only describe it as follows...

The engine management system seems to get confused & can't seem to make - up its mind what to do at times....to the extent that my wife comments regularly, usually when we are setting off from rest out of our drive or pulling out of a road junction.

Slight pressure on the accelerator on one day can result in a sort of lurching sensation sometimes worse than others and its ok next time...it sometimes happens slightly on the over-run while braking and slowing down when approaching a roundabout, junction or other obstruction. She gets quite nervous at times when she drives it especially at road junctions.

As I understand the car has a drive by wire system..a sensor on the accelerator & various sensors around the engine measuring God Knows What which are processed by the Engine management processing gizzmo which adjusts the timing and fuel mixture to an ideal combination to give a smooth takeup of power/drive etc.etc.,...well I can only describe this niggle it as these different signals seem slightly out of synch. Its been serviced twice at my local VX dealer Bristol Street Motors a 'Long'(2yrs) service 12months ago and 'Short'(1yr) service 3 weeks ago and presumably checked with Tech2 technology as per service booklet...and nothing mentioned on service sheets about fault codes etc. Presume nothing showed up when they plugged it in.

I'm basically living with it cos if you try to describe the problem to the front desk people you get kind of a vacant look..

Any one had a similar experience of the 'problem'...I mean the one with the car coz we've all got stories about VX dealers service depts.

Thanks for any comments

Tony Wheeldon