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Thread: Transfering a cherished number plate - advice

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    Lightbulb Transfering a cherished number plate - advice

    I have transfered a cherished number plate to my Vectra (STE ***M), and have received the V5C document.

    The donar car has been SORN'd at the same time.

    Now, the DVLA website shows the STE plate on the Vec, the donar car as SORN'd on it's new reg plate and I have the V5C for both cars with the new numbers on. My old Vec number plate is now not listed.

    However, I haven't received the Tax disc for the Vec, or any other docs, eg MOT etc, back from them.

    They say that these docs have been posted, but I have not received them, so am following up with a missing doc form from DVLA local office (Nottingham).

    The question is this, as the Tax disc on my car displays my old number, the old number plates are still on BUT this number no longer exists within DVLA and is not associated to my car CAN I still drive legally until the new docs are dispatched?

    If I got caught by a speeding camera, where would any NIP go? - just a puzzle, but not the main question.

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    Oo heck am just trying to digest all that Ste. I transferred my cherised plate just the other week from my Vectra to my current car a Signum. All went through very smoothly in literally just a few days mate. New tax discs arrived and new log books (as i like to call 'em) for both cars. The Vectra's tax runs out in the next few days then the car will be SORN'd. Long story but its going into storage for a few weeks. It doesn't help your predicament i don't think but thats how easy my transfer went through. Nice £80 earner for the DVLA eh bless! P.S; Tell you what is weird though, the donor cars (the Vectra) tax reminder form came through and still had the number printed on it which is now on my Signum!!!

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