Hi guys,

Im new on here, ive got my fingers crossed someone can help me out and end this misery!! . To keep it short my vectra 2.0 dti died on me whilst driving. RAC came to the rescue and suspected alternator fault. Bought a new alternator, the mechanic realised that its not the alternator but its the tentioner. So i bought a new tentioner and a belt. Today when he came to install it it turns out its not the tentioner!!

Basically its a bracket that connects the AC with the tentioner... That bracket had snapped which meant that the tentioner was no longer in tention... Has anyone got any idea what this bracket is called and where i can get hold of it from... i have been without my car for a week and commuting to work has become a misery. If i do not get this bracket tomorrow then the mechanic has not time till 2 weeks!!! .. I need to get it for tomorrow, as of now i dont even know what its called, only then i can get hold of it from somewhere..

Someone please help..