A ventrilaquist pulls into a small village and decides to go for a walk.
Halfway down a country road he sees a farmer leaning against a gate. As he walks towards the farmer he decides to see if he can have some fun at the farmers expense
"Hello do you mind if i speak to your sheepdog"
"Dogs don't talk" replies the farmer
never the less the man crouches down and begins talking to the dog
Does the farmer look after you?
"yes" replies the dog. "he takes me for walks, feeds me well and looks after me"
the farmer is amazed
"do you mind if i speak to your horse over there?" the man asks
"Horses don't talk" replies the farmer
the ventrilaquist walks over to the horse
"tell me does the farmer look after you as well?"
"yes" the horse replies " he grooms me everyday, feeds me well and i have a big field to run in"
the farmer is absolutely gob smacked
"is it OK if i go and speak to your sheep" the ventrilaquist asks

The farmer panics "whatever they say they're f--#ing liars"