Due to a number of people not being able to distinguish the difference between the reason, and requirements, of the What's It Worth? and For Sale section, we've decided to implement a couple of changes.

For reference, in case people weren't clear (Gawd knows how it wasn't though as there were threads explaining!!) the What's It Worth? section was where people could get feedback and input/opinions on what something they had was worth. Comments on prices etc. were obviously welcome.

The For Sale section was exactly that - where something was put up for sale with a price. That price was a price that the person had decided on and were perfectly entitled to ask whatever price they wanted. If it was too high then they'd soon find it wouldn't sell. As stated in the rules "...If you are not buying, or interested, in the item then DO NOT POST in a thread. The SELLER has the right to advertise what he or she deems to be a product at a reasonable price..."Some people obviously simply didn't grasp that and saw fit to wade in with comments about how it's too expensive etc. - taking threads off-topic and ruining the sellers threads. After this happening in a number of threads we've taken action.

As of today the For Sale section has been amended thus...
  • Members with correct posting privileges for the For Sale section will be able to post items for sale and start threads as normal.
  • Anyone else, other than Admin/Mods, will not be able to then subsequently post in the thread - all enquiries to the seller will then be via PM.
  • The thread starter will still be able to add posts to their thread to update on price, availability of any multi-item sales etc. - basically so they can easily keep everyone updated. The seller should post up in the thread when an item is sold.

Yes, the new method has downsides to it, but unfortunately there are a minority of idiots who spoil it for the majority. These amendments will avoid any threads 'kicking off' and the Mods/Admin having to waste their time dealing with said idiots.