please can any one tell me were the durv pre-heater relay is on a 52 reg 2.0 DTI SXI I have had s***t load of probs leckoff pipes changed, heater pluges changed but when it comes to it the pre heater lighter light has NOT been coming on all the time !!!!! WHEN IT COMES ON IT STARTS NO PROBS BUT WHEN IT DOSE NOT IT IS A COW TO START pleeeeeese heeeelp the relay / is this the next thing to change ?????? I have had the car for 8 week the first durv car I have had and never needed help like this with a petrol
there is know way it has any thing to do with glow plugs or leak of pipes if the pre-heating system is NOT WORKING IT IS NOT GOING TO START WITHOUT IT the temp at home all week has been 1/3 degrees os it should be on every time it is cold but nooo
p;eeeessses helllp