Hi guys.
I currently have a CCR2006, which I want to run a subwoofer amp from, an Autoleads Telemute adaptor for my blurtooth phone kit and an ipod.

In order to do this I have planned to use a RCA low level converter to feed the amp

an FM transmiter for the Ipod.
although I already have the Autoleads adaptor in my car from using my previous aftermarket headunit.

The problem is that I would prefer to have a stereo with an AUX in & out so I can connect the sub & Ipod directly to the headunit, but I also can't connect the full Vx harness back into the CCR2006 due to the Telemute adaptor only having the 2 ISO blocks for power & speakers, meaning that I have now lost the stereo display in the dash. Is there a way around this problem?