Nope I've not had a curry, it's my vec!

Ever since I've had my car it's made a racket at the back when cold, especially when going over speed bumps. It never happened in warmer weather and the shocks were checked and all ok so I didn't do anything about it.

Recently I've been getting a rattle coming from the rear of the car. It happens when I brake and accelerate or manouver slowly. It sounded initially like it was something rolling round in the boot but I've secured everything and it's still happening.

Reckon it could be the bush problem I've heard so much about? It's a 2004 hatchback and is just approaching 50k.

Which bushes are the notorious ones for failing? I'm more than happy to replace them myself, but am wary as a few years ago I did some after a friends car failed the MOT and got halfway through the job before I found I was replacing the wrong ones (bushes at the top of the shocks had gone, i started doing the pivot bushes!)

If someone could point me towards a page in the Haynes book it would be appreciated. Also, any tips on any other routine jobs that I should do while I've got it in bits would be handy!