I have for a Brand New Sony Ericcson W760i slide phone.
It was an Upgrade from T-Mobile about 3/4 months ago and i have never used it. Sadly when i moved in August i have lost the box and all the bits that go with it(Data lead, Instructions etc)

It has all the usual SE Features, 3.2mp Camera, 1Gb Memory card, etc etc..

Ideally i would like to swap it for a high spec handset on 3 network, What have you got, let me know, or i will take £75 cash for it, and the cost of postage.

Let me know if you are interested.


(Forgot to add, its locked on T-Mobile right now i believe, although have never tried another SIM in it, as i detest the phone, so take it that its locked to T-Mobile)