Some of you might find this a useful way of locating songs a bit easier if like me you store thousands on your ipod. In itunes I created 26 smart playlists, each of these uses a rule "name starts with" and then a letter of the alphabet. So, you end up with playlists automatically created for all songs beginning with A, with B and so on. Then if you want say to find a song called "papa was a rolling stone", just choose search playlist on your head unit, then choose "P" and then select song to scroll through all the 'p' songs.

I found this very useful if I just want to find a particular song whilst on the road which I havent playlisted or don't remember the artist. You could do the same thing for artists, arranging them in alphabetical order. It certainly saves your wrist trying to dial through thousands of song titles!

The smart playlists are extremely powerful and can improve your car ipod experience immensely, if you have a headunit/interface that supports playlists.