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Recently I have been given the chance to try a bit of kit from KDT Ltd who I have previously come across. The kit was the new AD2P aux adaptor from Connects2 a company many of us probably know well. The BTAV01 is probably the first of its kind for aux use so how does it hold up considering this may make it a lot easier just to connect your mobile phone for playing music with on your ICE.

Connectivity wise it was a doddle. First I used a Nokia 6288 which found the unit very quickly…. After typing in the pin code of 1234 it gave me the message that only Audio would route to it. Opening the phone gallery and selecting a track to play instantly presented the sound to the device and away it went. One thing I wanted to know about this device was if it could ‘pair’ with more than one at a time making it handy for sharing a car and multiple sources. Grabbing my Nokia 6300 I found the process exactly the same and successfully found it paired. Not to be mistaken I powered that off and retried the 6288 with out a problem which confirmed more than one device could be used.

Lastly I wanted to see how far I could go given that even Connects2 where not able top provide KDT Ltd an answer so I grabbed my Ipod and its Bluetooth AD2P adaptor from IO Connect ( some thing I use with my Carkit when the CarPC is down ). I powered the Ipod up and watched the blue light on the adaptor flash while it tried to sync…. A few seconds later and with a burst of sound I had confirmation that even the IO Connect dongle which uses the default pin code of 0000 with IO Connect kit did work. Before I packed the kit away I confirmed that the two hand sets I used before still worked, and guess what they did proving beyond a doubt that this AD2P unit from Connects 2 could pair with multiple devices.

Sound…. Mmmm first of all let me say there is no substitute for cables when its possible and that I am a bit picky with sound so to make an objective view of this aspect I connected the BTAV01 to my new LG LCD panel because I know its sound is spot on and that the IO Connects carkit has disappointed me already ( but I’ll come this in a mo ).

Using the Ipod and a few test files I have which can test a multiple of ranges I fired it up. First of all I found the sound a little quiet and ended up turning the gain up a little on the Ipod how ever it was clear and with out any crackles at all. The second issue with sound was that there was a lot of mid and very little bass. This may actually be due to using Bluetooth AD2P as I found the same with my IO Connect kit but it should not be as Bluetooth has enough band width, my point been that I don’t think this is the unit more the protocol. All that been said I am a bit finicky and this should not be an issue for about %95 of the population.

The advantages are for those using a head unit with an Aux port ( or even a modulator with that ) is that you can wirelessly connect a multitude of devices very quickly and with the prices been very low a cheap optional extra. For those with a CarPC it allows the same functionality to add extra devices quickly where you have multiple sources how ever it also allows the possibility to connect your CarPC with out wires which if you are doing a boot install allows it to be completed in a fraction of the time and hassle. All that is needed is for the likes of Centrafuse and co to add AD2P and AVRCP to control the unit and we have a class system that just needs power.

My thanks to Jason at KTD ltd in helping make this review happen….


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