hi all been looking for one of my last posts for the io play but cant find it, basically i got it in july and been in constant contact with the support team who promised to send me a lead and have not so have just bought a new mp3player that is blue tooth so i can have it connected.
here is the set up.

pic 1 this is where it is sited behind the glovebox to the left

pic 2 this is the blue lead from the harness connected to the cig lighter on console

pic 3 this is where i have the control as i dont want praying eyes to see it also i like the standard look

pic 4 this is where i have my mic

pic 5 is the route i took the mic cable along the roof lining to the left post and down the door rubber.

i am using a samsung YP-P2JCB/XEU 8GB Touch Screen Video And MP3 Player With Built In FM Tuner (Black)

i must say the sound quality is very good and i am very happy as previously had a fm converter.