Hi, newbie here, having major problems with my Vectra 1.9 CDTI 150 SRi. Got up one morning for work and car wouldn't start. Nothing, just a clicking noise from (presumably) starter solenoid. Got car checked out and confirmed alternator gubbed. As warranty had expired 8 days earlier was going to have to pay for repair. Heard that there was a recall for some Vectras for an alternator fault and got some invaluable info from this forum. (thanks guys). Trouble was my car was not in the VIN No. range for the recall.
Pleaded my case with Vauxhall customer care (just out of warranty, common fault with Veccy CDTi etc) and they agreed to pay 40% of £500 bill dealer quoted as a good will gesture. Trouble is dealer can only use Vx spares for any job either paid for or partially paid for by Vauxhall and there is a 6 - 8 week back order for vauxhall alternators. So I could get it done myself (£250) right away or get dealer to do it for £300 and be without a car for best part of 2 months. No brainer eh.
Started doing it mysef and dicovered that the serial no on my alternator is one of the dodgy ones that should be covered by the recall.
Vauxhall still feel its not covered under the recall as they only go by Vin Nos. Awaiting further response from Vauxhall but not holding out any hope.
Am I being petty expecting Vauxhall to pay for repair for a known faulty part that, according to Vx, shouldn't have been on my car in the first place?
Anyone had similar problems with dealers? They admitted that if it wasn't warranty or recall work they would have had the car repaired last week and fitted with a non vauxhall alternator. Apparently there is a woman running around in a courtesy car right now and will be for another 6 weeks when her car could be back on the road tomorow if it wasn't for the jobsworths at Vx customer care.