On Monday i had to go from Walsall to Poole for a family wedding. originally planning to fly down in the Vec as it is a good run and could be done in less than 3 hours. Then my mother said she was going and can use her car.
Mondeo ST220 Estate, with Xenons 18" wheels full leather etc.etc. (Fully loaded) with Petrol paid for!!!!!! Handy when only getting 23mpg!!
Anyway, she picked us up, she drove to Oxford and then i took over I have to say that the V6 sounds awesome when taken upto 6k revs Fairly steady run down there didn't take to long. Car seemed ok, accelerated pretty quickly, very heavy clutch & brake pedal, but then it has got sporting aspirations.

Coming back, Tomtom took ages to locate due to the elements in the heated front windscreen. on the motorway really missed the power of the vec, the vec was noticibly quicker upto say 100mph, but then the extra grunt of the mondeo takes over. It shows how quick when in 6th from 50mph we were out accelerated by a zafira cdti 150!!! Started to miss the touch's from the Vectra on the way back such as moving arm rest, and handy cruise button. We certainly made very good time. Leaving poole at 9.30, stop of in Oxford to drop my cousin off, and Sat in my living room in walsall (190miles) at about 12.15

Loved the Mondeo for the heated leather seats, the heated front screen, and sound. Didn't like the over heavy brake pedal, the armrest and stereo didn't have sat nav.

Saying that the Mondeo is a great motor, well worth getting , but definatly prefer the Vectra over it. was a relief to get into the vast torque from my Vec