Hi all

Just wondering if anyone on here has any advice or a copy of a letter for Vauxhall Customer Service regarding the Common Faults with the 1.9 CDTI Engine.

After reading this forum I checked my Swirl Valve's and they are it bad condition (the connecting bar has total come loose and lot's of oil/dirt in there). So took the car to JCT600 Castleford and cost £79 just to check...So They give me a print out of the problems/Part Numbers and Costs (£435 for parts / £436 for 5.5 hours labour) Grand total £871.
(not happy)

this didn't even include the Dual Mass Flywheel that is also on it's way out (but they said let that develop!!!!) What!!! Couldn't believe that.

So I intend to write to Customer Services as these are So common on here that it must be a design fault.

Any help geatly appreciated, anybody on here been threw this process?? if so what were your results.

The car is a 54 Plate 1.9 CDTI SRI (150) (57,000 miles).
Love the car to bits but have never known an engine develop so many problems in such little time/mileage