Hi guys,

Just a quick one - hope you don't think i'm cheeky asking but......

I'm running in the great south run in october (26th) and have decided to do this for the British Heart Foundation (in recognition of their excellent work and as thanks for the help and support they've offered the wife's family over the last number of years following Father in Laws heart attack)

Anyway - I've set up a justgiving site (www.justgiving.com/nickkeith) for sponsors and thought i'd be cheeky and ask - if you fancy making a donation to charity over the next month or so whether you'd consider making it to this one - either directly or via my sponsorship for the run.

As my site says I don't do running so this 10 miles is gonna seem like 100 to me!! Ah well - home brew gets to mature a little longer whilst I get in the gym!!

Anyway - thanks for looking at this.