HI folks.

First off,appologies if this has been done before.

K to businness. I've got a 02 vectra C that came with a knackered CCR 2006 unit in it.

Now i been keepin an eye on ebay n there has been the odd one pop up (mines gun metal grey) well i dont want to be driving about in a silent car, so its looking like a aftermarket replacement is going to be needed (unless one of you folks has got one and a deal could be made....)

Anyways, is there a aftermarket replacement that will retain all the original features (working with the lcd screen and the steering whel controls)

you peeps look like you know what your talking about so im hoping you can help me out as this is really starting to get on my t*ts now.

Im asking as to be honest i aint got a clue where to start looking.

Many many thanks in advance