Life with my relatively new Vectra is not good - any help gladly appreciated.

Three days ago was driving at about 95mph when EML came on and I lost power - car went into limp home/safe mode. OK to use but no acceleration.

Took the car into local garage today and they did some tests and said there was a problem with engine boost pressure and suspected the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump reading at idle was 265m/bar.

They weren't 100% sure it was the vacuum pump so have left me to ask around elsewhere however. A few weeks ago I had similar symptons in the car and it was a split turbo pipe - which I got replaced at a cost of about £100.

Am I just unlucky and had 2 unrelated things go wrong ? Is a problem with a vacuum pump a common one and if so, is it costly to replace ?



ps Vectra 2.0 LS 2004