We have a maximum size for avatar and signature pictures.


A signature may contain one or more images but they must fit within a box with maximum dimensions of 400 x 75 pixels (width x height) and with a maximum (combined) file size of 50k. If no images are used then up to 4 consecutive lines of normal (size3) or smaller text is permitted. Do not pad out your text lines with blanks lines. A line of text is defined as having a maximum length of 400 pixels. If you want to turn the signature off in the future, you can come back and edit your post. If you have specified a signature in your profile, the box will be automatically ticked for you.


The maximum size permitted for Avatars is a 150x100 pixel frame with a file size of no more than 40kb. No avatar should be more than 100 pixels in height. Lightly animated GIF files are allowed, but static JPG files are preferred.


The maximum size for ANY picture is 700x525 with a maximum file size of 100Kb.

Profile pictures have a maximum size of 640x480 and a maximum file size of 80Kb.

Any images that are larger than these sizes will either be rejected immediately by the server or uploader, or removed by admin