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Thread: Just contacted Vauxhall

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    Question Just contacted Vauxhall

    My car has currently been off of the road for a while now, i know its shocking but i came into some bad financial difficulties last year. Anyway to cut a long story short my second new gearbox has failed again last year and, well its better to read what i sent to vauxhall, makes more :-

    Letter to vauxhall:

    I purchased my car in March 2004. Apprx 6 Months ago it went into have the gearbox replaced under warranty as i lost quite a few gears. When i had the vehicle back it ran ok for a while but soon i was noticing a clucking noise on the nearside front of the vehicle. Soon after i was pulling away at a roundabout and there was a loud clunking noise and then i realised i lost all drive in my vehicle (all gears and reverse). Although you can hear the thrust bearing engaging in all gears there is no movement. Now i recently ran into financial difficulty after that and i could not bring my vehicle up as i my insurance ran out and soon afterwards my tax. The vehicle has currently been sat at my address with SORN notification. I am now gainfully employed again but i need to have my vehicle repaired under warranty since the gearbox was brand new and also the car is still under warrranty. I can supply the mileage if required to show that i have done little or no mileage since the gearbox was replaced and it has not been used while declared SORN. I'm wondering if possible if you can tell me what can be done to resolve this situation. Also as the vehicle is undrivable a recovery truck would be needed to collect it to take to Quest in Braintree. I look forward to your reply.

    Many thanks,

    Rob Ward.

    Will keep you informed of outcome, im just wondering if this would affect the warranty, i have genuinly not used it and the mileage the gearbox was changed should be on record. What do you think....

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    It does not matter its been off the road. It is still in warranty so they will have to fix whatever is wrong.

    I would not have bothered to tell them to much, just that it had broken down. There was no real need to contact Vx HQ.

    Anyway I would tax it and give the local dealers a call telling them your cars gearbox has again failed and its undriveable. They will come and get it. If its the same dealer who did the job the last time I would give them a b*llocking for not doing the job properly the first time.

    Nowt to worry about, just make sure they do it right this time!

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