Next weekend I off to Le Mans for a Stag do! On Friday I spoke to the Groom, And during the conversation he asked me to take my car

So Quick calls to the insurance....£15, plus £35 European Breakdown cover.

Checked the tent, Then the missus suggested I really test the tent by letting the kids sleep in it, Got loads of cheap camping gear from Tescos.

Then a full detail, Foam, Wash, Megs 1,2 Colinite Wheels etc, 5 hours, Cramp in one arm and countless dropped applicator pads. The I got the scratch out the side that had appeared recently, Scratch -x and stage 2 sorted that.

Dropped the car in for a service this morning, Getting the Spare bulb kit etc tonight, I will try and get one of my wheels refurbed again!

Then I'm ready! When I get back the car is getting stripped for sale!