Hey everyone, new guy here to the site and in need of advice.

I have a 1998 2.0 Vectra GLS estate that appears to have a prob.

My car is fitted with new tyres correctly inflated and recently wheel alined and with 88k on the clock. However, i have noticed when i go round corners the wheels squeek and when i turn right i get a rythmical squeek but appears to only happen when on full lock.

I have consulted the haynes manual and that says to do the 12,6 and 9,3 rocking check of the wheel. When i do this my wheel moves quite a lot and i can hear a knocking sound. According to the manual i think it could be the steering track rod ball joint.

Please can anyone tell a beginer if they can do the job, if this is the problem, how to fix the problem, if its worth replacing any other bushes etc at the same time, if the wheels need re aligning after and if any special equipment is required. I have read about specialist equipment been required for removal of subfames so that they are realined properly, does this apply here?

Please help im a confused newbie.