This is meant as a guideline to people wanting to know the basic difference between the 2 types of systems available and how they work, not different Manufacturers. Please do not add silly questions or comments to this thread, if you have a specific question please send it to the appropriate email address at the end of this thread

Firstly analogue.

This is a circuit of an analogue system (powerklick green) and works by taking the infeed voltage from the CR signal via a variable resistor and analogue chip which allows you to increase the voltage via the resistor control at the end. This makes the ECU beleive the pressure in the rail is lower and allows more boost. This type of system has no intelligence, no micro processor, and no crystal/oscillator. Though this is a proven system it is not intelligent and works constantly, so when set high can give poor idle running and smoke on acceleration.

Secondly digital.

This system is digital and uses a microprocessor and software to intelligently control the pressure of the injection system. The circuit is obviously more complicated hence the price differences between the two systems. Because it is digital and is programmed, this means we can have the engine as standard at idle (no hiccuping/noise), can also have a time delay so it does not work until the engine has warmed (preventing cold knock/smoke), can be programmed to give different amounts of power depending on the program loaded, ie for more torque lower down, or higher up etc. The software is held in the serial memory of the circuit and the microprocessor works via the timing crystal/oscillator at 4 mhz.

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