finally got around to putting the car up for sale last night. its advertised at 7k,but if anyone on here is interested i'm looking for 6.6k. all mods are off the car except the irmscher grill and mats, the k&n induction kit and the dtuk crd2 box are available if wanted, these parts will not be offered for sale separatley untill the car is sold, buyer of the car has the option to buy the bits. we bought the car seven months ago and have done 2500 miles in that time, hence the reason for the sale. we bought something cheap and nasty for her to get to work in for now, but in the not so distant future i would love another vec-c maybe even a petrol.,N-51-86-4294966784-4294966969/advert.action?R=200819309626126&distance=0&postcod e=ne33ra&channel=CARS&make=VAUXHALL&model=VECTRA&m in_pr=7000&max_pr=&max_mileage=