Hey everywhere.

I found my sat nav earlier on and haven't used it for a wee while now. I bought it to navigate me around America, but given that I know where I stay in CA now like the back of my hand, there really is no need for it.

Possibly looking at selling.

The box got a little tatty from the actual journey to America, but as you can see from the pictures the unit itself is all nice and sexy still. Infact, most of the added extras remain unopened.

I bought it as a refurb so it has one year's warrnanty on it which will run out about November - in the unlikely event that anything were to go wrong.

You all know about the Tom Tom so I won't bother with the blurb, but as you can see, comes pre-loaded with US, Canada and Europe. Very handy bit of kit for the right person.

Just looking to see what interest there would be in this. Froggle shows the cheapest of £170, but most places are around the £200.

I'd think £150 would be a fair price given the equipment involved. Would possibly like to sell local to drop off/pick up so as to avoid Paypal/and postage. But if there's no local interest, will find out how much it will be to post.