hey up!
i've just bought a vectra estate 1.9 cdti 120. 54 reg and discovered severe creaking over full width speed bumbs coming from the front suspension. now, having read all the smashing info on this forum and spraying all the suspension bushes with silicone lube, i've managed to narrow it down to the front anti-roll bar bushes. the question i hope someone can help me with is this, is the anti-roll bar suposed to be tight in the bushes with just the flexability of the rubber for movement. because, if so, is spraying with lube defeating the purpose of the bush?
does this mean the bushes are worn and need to be replaced as the noise is starting to come back after a couple of weeks, or should i just keep spraying them every time the noise returns?
i've spoken to a few garages all having conflicting conclusions which always result in ££££££££'s.
hope someone can help.