Further to my thread of earlier on, I have been running in and out of the house with the bonnet open and Vectra C.com being vigourously browsed (oo-er!).

I gotta say a big thanks to this forum, because for all the world my power loss looked like the dreaded egr valve. In fact the body shop guy had simply knocked out the little rubber connectors running from the vacuum pump thingy that clips to the front panel! Yippee!!

Only reason I looked for this was due to a thread on this site so thanks guys!

Ps: Power steering light still on and whirring when steering is locked, so I think that isn't looking as hopeful!

I've narrowed it down to: loss of fluid when knocked in the accident: something to do with the connectors and or splicing of the wires that had to be done (they were nipped off); worst case scenario of a banjaxed pump. :-( Would you guys agree there?

If I could just get a half a day now to detail it and fit ma new wheels n springs I'll post her up!

Thanks again! Nick