Can anyone here help me remove the weather strip at the bottom of the windscreen. I have been looking on the vauxhall TIS for instructions but cannot seem to find them. I have recently gone to change the pollen filter, and found both of those silly plastic clips that hold the filter in are broken, so now i have to try and remove the pollen filter housing to replace with the new one i have just bought. The pollen filter housing is too big to slide out of the hole in the weatherstrip, so i assume the weatherstrip needs removal to install the new housing, (unless anyone here has done it and knows an easier way). Just out of interest, when i went to vauxhall to pick up the new housing today there, the parts manager mentioned how flimsy those 2 silly plastic clips that fit the pollen filter into the housing look, and laughed at me and said "its no wonder there always breaking , there so flimsy". It seems this may be a common fault on this piece. Anyhow, thanks if you can help.