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Thread: Tools needed for the upper rear control arm

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    Default Tools needed for the upper rear control arm

    I've decided I want to change the rear upper control arms on my 1.9 cdti myself as the garages are all quoting 2 hours to replace both!! I've already spent around £600 on this car in the last 2 months trying to find the cause of a terrible knocking sound in the rear. So far i've done the shocks and springs (and cambelt but that's not related ). the sound has gotten better since I did have leaking shocks and one of the springs had split at the bottom, but there still a faint cruch/knock when driving over uneven road. It's like the rear end slides/gives its grip. In another post on this forum someone said it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes each side. My garage says the bushes are worn on those causing the knocking noise that I hear in the rear. I jacked the car up today and I couldn't see them being worn....but maybe it's my eyes

    I have a Haynes manual and it does tell me to remove the springs but apparently that's not necessary according to someone on this forum. Would that be right?

    My last question is, what tools do I need. I got metric spanners and a bunch of other tools but I do need a torx bit set and a looong ratchet to reach that inner bolt.

    Does anyone know what size the torx bit on the upper control arm is? And what ratchet would you recommend I i really need to buy a torque wrench to get it to the specified torque or can i just tighten it as hard as I can.....?

    Thanks in advance
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